skills for warrs n things

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skills for warrs n things

Post by mike » Fri Oct 30, 2020 3:11 am

close proximity:
the closer you are to enemies the more damage you deal. but the farther you are the less. lesser than your basic damage (affects crits)

dmg increase:40-100/120-130/150-160/175-180/200-220% (only starts to trigger when you're about 20ft close to the enemy, it won't be immediatly 100%)
radius decrease every level:20/17/16/15/12ft
how close you need to be to increase damage:(ok irdk how far or how close far is in elia so ill just describe it)
if you're 21ft far from any monster you're trying to target, this skill will not take effect at all.
if you're in the 20ft radius, your damage will immediatly increase to the lowest part of the skill.
ex:40% in damage increase in 20ft radius (farthest) damage will then be increased by 40%
(the gun will glow in color yellow indicating it's on effect)
if you're within 1-4ft close in the enemy, your gun will glow orange, it's on max meaning its using 100% of the skills potential.

mp use:35/50/65/85/200
(if u dont know what the "10/11/12" things are, it means its that amount in 1 2 or 3 level)

warrior:(some a bit op skills to make the class useful and wanted again, this class is so hated and its also so trash)

supercharge:increase the damage of your next attack. (does not apply to skills)

dmg increase:300/800/2000%
mp usage:50/60/80

it increases basic attack damage by 300/600/1000%. lasts forever until you decide to attack. effect gets taken off when you do a basic attack (even when attacking nothing)

second warrior skill suggestion:bloodlust

damage increase:100/300/500%
walking speed increase:20/22/25%

you have a .2% chance to trigger this when you get hit

im gonna have a sugg for archer soon that class is so garbage now due to the new formula. i wanna save it.

mage is also so broken with their skills

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