Endurance Level

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Endurance Level

Post by Savage0 » Sun Oct 18, 2020 1:19 am

Ok, so this is just a passive leveling up system (similar to fishing or chopping in Helmet Heroes)
Basically, if you take, say 50 damage in total; You level up to Endurance Lv 2 and gain 10 permanent HP the next time you respawn
Whenever you Level up your Endurance, it obviously needs to get harder ..... so say a 4x increase from last time (50 damage ---> 200 damage ---> 800 damage - 3200 damage) but they still give a permanent 10 HP increase each time you level it up (some alternatives presented at certain levels.) This can obviously be abused, hence forth the 4x jump in damage needed in total whenever it levels up (PVP shouldn't count towards your EXP ... obviously).

I feel as though mages should get a similar exp bar to this, in that it increases the permanent MP based on magic damage dealt to mobs (of course it'll be way more easier/harder since your dishing damage out instead of taking it).

A little thing to add on may be milestones, so say at level 5 Endurance, you gain higher HP boost each time, level 10: 5% global damage reduction
(This is for endurance only, not sure what mages would get ..... and yes, 13 million damage taken for a 5% damage reduction, lol)
Give your opinions and balancing ideas, thanks.

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