Skill Cooldowns

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Re: Skill Cooldowns

Post by Savage0 » Sun Oct 18, 2020 1:43 am

Well, as expected, all classes are not created equal ...

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Re: Skill Cooldowns

Post by Zuji » Sun Oct 18, 2020 10:18 pm

Flashlight237 wrote:
Sat Oct 17, 2020 11:36 pm
Okay, so an anti-exploit feature that could be useful: how about some skill cooldowns? Energy Unleash, Grenades, and Storm Cloud in Helmet Heroes had cooldowns, so why not?

I'll start with the skills that really could use cooldowns.

Grenade: Currently people can just throw grenades at 96 throws per minute. Yeah, I timed it. Why not give grenades a cooldown? I'm thinking 2.5 seconds since that's how long grenades appeared to take since the throw before exploding.

Storm Cloud: 11-15 seconds (meaning the cooldown would last for the entirety of the skill's duration) depending on the level seems to be a fair cooldown time for Storm Cloud. Apparently Storm Cloud can be spammed/exploited, so might as well put a cooldown on it.

Rage: 22-30 seconds of cooldown (meaning the cooldown would last for the entirety of the skill's duration) depending on the level would work. I've accidentally pressed the N button on several occasions while in Rage mode and, since there's no cooldown, I just waste MP from it. Also, reducing the MP cost to 4 would be nice since Rage does way less than Storm Cloud. Granted, I would prefer an ax+B deal with MP cost over a Bx deal, but still.

As for other skills, hmm...

Arrow Hoard: I think this should be a charged skill; but at the same time, I don't... I dunno; it would be pretty wasteful with improper implementation.

Coin Shot: 200 RPM is fair. Two words: Pellet Spitters.

So yeah, there's that.
I couldn't agree more, I see a level 12 mage spam storm clouds so there is like 8-10 at a time, and he can kill scorpees, the best mob in the game, fairly easily whick shouldn't be possible at that low of a level.
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