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0.5.42 - November 16, 2020

  • Pellet spitter gun has had its rate of fire lowered slightly and its power increased slightly.
  • Fixed out of bounds spot in area #5.
  • Fixed bug in trade where an item could be lost if a player had full inventory and accepted the trade first.
  • Fixed small bug where friend log on alerts would appear as soon as you log on.
  • Only one player can now offer emeralds in a trade. (There's no real reason both players need to be offering them anyway.)
  • Fixed bug that could happen on rare occasion when joining the game from the main menu, existing players in the area could sometimes now show up.

Known Issues/To-Do List

  • Alion City is very incomplete.
  • Story does not progress past the Alion City Library.

0.5.41 - November 10, 2020

  • Fixed bug with all guns/arrows doing electric chaining damage.
  • Players are now shown an alert at the main menu telling them if their computers time is off by to much.
  • Fixed small error for archers and gunman that could happen when they ran out of arrows/bullets.
  • Fixed a few small rare issues with the Eliapedia.
  • Fixed error that could happen if you entered an area with a bargain bin, then immediately left before the bargain bins content finished loading.
  • Poison, fire, and electric weapons should now work correctly in PVP.
  • Fixed bug with riding scorpees and going between areas. (Bug from last update.)

0.5.4 - November 6, 2020 (Updated November 11th)

  • -Fixed several bugs from last Friday's update.-
  • Lowered the amount of damage each poison upgrade stage does from 5 to 4.
  • Changed sparkle effect for sharpened and hardened equips to a slightly better looking effect.
  • Players and enemies now flash red, orange, green, or white when they take physical, fire, poison, or electrical damage respectively.
  • Lowered the amount of damage a lightning strike deals from the storm cloud skill because electric attacks can now chain to nearby enemies.
  • 3 new NPCs.
  • 2 new items.
  • 1 new area.
  • 1 new building added to Alion City.
  • Weapons can now be upgraded with electricity!

0.5.34 - October 30, 2020 (Updated Nov 2, 2020)

  • Fixed bug with main menu music playing as if your underwater for a split second. (issue from Friday.)
  • Fixed bug with flashbacks not playing. (issue from Friday.)
  • Fixed 4 grass sprites that were not properly being lit in area #2.
  • Fixed bug with spiked squishers, fanged squishers, ground spitters, armed dillos, and ooze horror not spawning. (issue from Friday.)
  • Fixed bug with high quality and day/night not working correctly. (issue from Friday.)
  • Fixed bug with beginning metor cutscene not loading. (issue from Friday.)
  • When you harden an accessory the upgraded version is now auto-equipped as it should be.
  • Fixed issue with smoke bomb poison damage not working.
  • Made big changes to how the game's content is loaded. Game assets are not loaded as they are needed instead of previously having the entire game's contents loaded at startup. This reduces initial game load time, RAM usage, GPU texture memory usage, and server bandwidth costs. Reduced initial game file size down from 17.5mb to 2.5mb.

0.5.3 - October 23, 2020

  • Fixed not being able to mouse over map areas that you are in in the map menu.
  • Big Bubba now plays burp sound effects when you talk to him.
  • A book is now on the floor of Big Bubba's room. You need to check it out in order to progress to the next step of the game.
  • New building added to Alion City.
  • 1 new area.
  • 7 new NPCs.
  • You can no longer click on your own character to open the character menu.
  • Story section has been added to the Eliapedia.
  • (Note you will need to talk to Renegade Grizzle in the Renegade hideout and the posessed Renegade in the cave again to fully unlock all of the story thus far in the Eliapedia.)
  • Faint shine is now displayed on the trash bag in the swamp factory attic to help denote that it needs checked when the factory ID event is not completed yet.
  • Short audio tune is played when you complete certain tasks now.
  • Added items shelf to Marty's cabin.
  • 17 new accessories added.
  • Added tutorial controls to area #1 and to area #4 bench.

0.5.2 - October 16, 2020

  • Dying in area 41 and 48 now take you to Alion City Hotel.
  • Storm cloud lightning strikes now happen every 2 seconds instead of every 1 second, but deal more damage per strike.
  • Fixed error that would be thrown is player had a h1 armor equipped then equipped an h2 armor.
  • Magic orb field orbs now emit a blue light.
  • Fixed issue where if you revived while on fire you could immediately fire again because you would still be on fire. Fire is on extinguished upon reviving.
  • Fixed a few other small miscellaneous bugs related to fire.
  • Refrigerators now play metal sound effect when hit.
  • Logons heads now face backwards when moving upwards.
  • 6 new areas.
  • 1 new music track.
  • 2 new NPCs.
  • 1 new item.
  • All new areas have been added to the map.
  • Chaning Crit skill's range has been reduced but its chance has been increased.
  • Audio on/off is now saved, when if you turn off the audio it will remain off when you log back on next time.

0.5.14 - October 13, 2020

  • 1 new music track.
  • Lowered the transparency slightly on the white flash created from storm cloud lightning strikes.
  • Most enemies now have their body break into pieces when killed.
  • 1 new area.
  • 1 new enemy type.
  • Fixed bug where that if a player was holding the run button down while they joined an area, they would not appear running to other players in the area.
  • Fixed bug with a players position not updating when they join an area until they press a movement key.
  • Fixed bug with hardened shield defense not showing up in the item info menu.
  • 1 new item added (stage 3 poison rune).
  • Most enemies now split into pieces when you kill them.

0.5.12 - October 6, 2020

  • 1 new skill added. (wizard skill)
  • Added 20$ emeralds option to payvault emeralds menu.
  • UI now scales when going full screen.
  • Fixed bug with rage and forcefield sometimes not showing up for other players when they join an area that you are in.
  • You can no longer control your character while the NPC dialogue box is present.
  • Pressing Enter on the keyboard will now advance the NPC dialogue box.
  • Some support for X-Box controllers has been added! (navigating the main UI is currently not do-able via the controller.)
  • Fixed bug with storm cloud not dealing damage. (bug from last update.)
  • Lowered the amount of MP that storm cloud uses from 10 to 6, and protection field from 3 to 2.
  • (Other game related news) Eliatopia has been uploaded to Newgrounds. Hopefully will begin seeing an increase in game players.

0.5.11 - October 5, 2020

  • Fixed major misculation for PVP melee damage.

0.5.1 - September 30, 2020

  • Fixed homing arrow not working. (bug from yesterday's update.)
  • Fixed some bugged text in Lumbercore and Ooze Horror's Eliapedia descriptions.
  • Reduced knockback for bullets in PVP.
  • Cupids arrows will no longer heal non-guild mates in PVP.
  • Storm cloud, poison cloud, and healing cloud now work correctly in PVP.
  • PVP kills are now recorded and a PVP kills leaderboard has been added to the Eliatopia website.
  • Visual effect is created whenever your player is knocked down.
  • 2 new skills added. (1 basic skill, 1 warrior skill.)
  • You can no longer click other players in PVP.
  • Fixed bug with homing arrows seeming to bounce off of water.

0.5.0 - September 28, 2020

  • Fixed color of player's skin and hair changing whenever toggling to "low" or "very low" quality.
  • Added a x100 button for cheap items.
  • Changed physics of the seesaw in area #46 slightly so it will be significantly harder to get to the boss without the help of someone.
  • Eliapedia now contains information about enemies. Click on an enemy to view its information.
  • Default quality is now set to "high" instead of "very high".
  • Fixed issue with gunman and archers shooting direction not being updated correctly on other players screens.
  • Increased the area of the grenade explosion that can cause damage.
  • Fixed bug when using special skills that require the B key, other players would not see your animation.
  • Fixed trade bug where you could not offer additional items if the item your trying to increment is the last item slot in the trade.
  • 1 new music track.
  • Fixed rare bug in trading that could result in emeralds being duplicated.
  • 1 new area.
  • PVP added!!

0.4.52 - September 18, 2020

  • Falling leaves effect on red leaf hills are is no longer present on "low" quality setting.
  • Fixed wall bug where you could fall off the map in area #38.
  • Fixed small bug with the blinking of the Eliapedia button not returning to normal size.
  • Trees no longer drop leaves when playing on "low" quality setting.
  • Fixed small bug exploit that would allow you to infinitely jump if you dropped an item and jumped on it in mid-air.
  • Fixed issue with arrows/bullets getting removed from inventory. (bug from last week's update.)
  • "Very low" quality setting added to the options menu.
  • "low" and "very low" quality setting have had a boost in GPU performance. Meaning that when on playing on these settings, your GPU will do a bit less work than before, resulting in less lag.
  • Fixed issues with guns not firing at the correct ROF when running the game at a lower FPS.
  • Lengthened amount of time before items remove themself from the ground.

0.4.5 - September 18, 2020

  • Fixed bug where hardened armor arms would not show up in the friends menu.
  • Alert text is now shown when you try to attack with a gun or bow when you have no bullets or arrows.
  • Fixed mispaced ground spitter in area #19.
  • Dying in area #46 now takes you to the Renegade hideout.
  • Fixed error that would be thrown during the chat with Pirth after releasing a smoke bomb.
  • Fixed small piece of grass not being correctly lit in area #2.
  • Fixed small spot where you could fall off the map under the bridge in area #33.
  • Fixed bug where special skills would not reset properly under certain circumstances when purchasing the payvault skill reset.
  • Fixed bug with a logon spawn point in area #35 misplacing the spawned enemy.
  • Fixed bug with money power skill not applying damage boost.
  • Fixed bug with capital letters not working in chat textfields.
  • Fixed error that could be thrown if another player logged off while their text bubble was present.
  • Fixed rounding display issue with the "devastating crit" skill in the skills menu.
  • Fixed eggplant wand not being a magic based weapon.
  • Fixed issue with going full screen requiring the user to click the button twice.
  • Fixed bug with wizard "attack field" lowering attack power instead of boosting it.
  • Fixed incorrect particle color created when batlings are killed. Particles are now red instead of green.
  • Slightly reduced the height of the trade menu so that it will fit on smaller monitors better.
  • Reduced the amount of time that homing arrow stay on screen from 5 seconds to 4 seconds.
  • Boss health bar nows scales from the right instead of the center.
  • Enemy death particles are no longer created when playing on "low" quality setting.
  • Armed dillo, hellshag, shagdaw, grunt, and ground spitters now have unique death sounds.
  • Items will now remove themself from the ground after they have been sitting for a long period of time.
  • Fixed small bug where if you said something in chat, then immediately jumped, your player would not show the jump animation.
  • Grenade explosion no longer effect a player is they are not on the ground. This is to prevent players from reaching jump heights that they should not be able to reach.
  • New logo.
  • Patched small GPU memory leak with textures loaded onto billboards.
  • Fixed issue where in rare cases a player could get stuck "online" if they disconnected before fully joining the game.
  • Eliapedia has been added. (it is still being developed.)
  • 1 new payvault item added, shouts!

0.4.4 - September 4, 2020

  • Skills menu has been made smaller vertically to better fit small monitors.
  • Fixed error that would happen if another player logged off while their chat bubble was present.
  • Fixed bug with character menus showing wrong character info when you have multiple of them open at once.
  • Fixed issue with the newly added PayVault "special skill point reset" not working.
  • Using the MP and HP shortcut keys will no longer heal HP or MP if they are already maxed.
  • Fixed issue with arrows sometimes flying upward after hitting water.
  • Grunts attack animation has been slowed down by 30% to increase the time for the player to get up after an attack.
  • Fixed bug with swear words spelled using capitlized letters not being filtered.
  • Fixed a bug where in some cases flames burning an object would not go away.
  • 1 new payvault item added, billboards!
  • 2 new items. Hardening stones added!
  • Most enemy drop rates for sharpening stones have been decreased because of the added hardening stones.

0.4.32 - August 28, 2020

  • Added special skills point reset item to the PayVault.
  • Attempted to fix the clone enemy bug (where one of the enemies is un-hittable). Needs testing to verify.
  • Bosses now have a health bar.
  • 1 new area.
  • 1 new boss enemy.
  • 2 new NPCs.
  • 1 new item.
  • Moved ground spitter in Teplar Village so he is more visible.
  • Added shortcut keys. The ",", key will use your highest HP healing item to heal HP. The "." key will use your highest MP healing item to heal MP. (The carrot brackets)
  • Items can no longer be accidently picked up when pressing the "E" key in a chat input textfield.

0.4.3 - August 21, 2020

  • Patched archer bug that would allow archers to use homing arrow attack forever if they had 1 MP.
  • Implemented IP bans.
  • Patched 1 possible server exploit for coins.
  • Fixed issue with talking animation not showing when sitting.
  • Added more anti-hack autobanning.
  • Slightly lowered the drop rates of most items by a little bit.
  • Guild leaders can now edit their guild level requirement and description by talking to NPC in the guild building.
  • Fixed bug with trade where the coins offered would not increment on the other players screen depending on where you released your mouse button.
  • Fixed bug where if you died while sitting you would be stuck unable to move when you respawned.
  • Some hard swear words are not filtered out in main chat, trade chat, PMs, and guild description. The same words are also not permitted in usernames and guild names.
  • Added "sell all" button for easily selling all of a single item type.
  • Homing arrow attack now pushes player backwards a little bit when used.
  • Homing arrow attack now takes 2 mp to use.
  • Lowered the amount of damage homing arrow attack upgrades do from 20% to 10%.
  • Fixed bug where you couldn't buy the payvault emojis or point reset if you had exactly the required amount of emeralds.
  • A handful of single handed weapons have had their power adjusted again due to the damage formula change.
  • Wood fence in area 35 and 37 now plays sound effect when hit.
  • Damage formula has been changed to a much better formula. Enemy stats have also changed to better adapt to the new formula.
  • Squishers and fanged squishers now make a small confetti like effect when killed.
  • Squisher, fanged squisher, spiked squisher, and dumtillians play a small vocal sound effect when killed.

0.4.26 - August 14, 2020

  • Added a few more ambient objects to Burger Boys restraunt.
  • Factory door now plays door opening sound effect when you enter it.
  • Wooden support beams in Bripp's now play sound effect when hit.
  • Slightly reduced time in between melee attacks and bow attacks by a fraction of a second.
  • 7 new weapons.
  • 4 new chest armor.
  • 4 new leg armor.
  • 1 new shield.
  • 4 new shoes.
  • 1 new areas.
  • Added 2 new buildings to Alion City.
  • Added automatic opening doors to Brip's.
  • 6 new NPCs added.
  • 1 new music track.
  • 2 new wizard skill.
  • Added street lights to Alion City.
  • Added footstep sound effect when walking on sidewalks, pavement, and the grass in Alion City.
  • 2 new hair styles.
  • Buffed alot of mid level one handed weapons.

0.4.24 - August 7, 2020

  • Fixed small bug where arrow special shine effect would be shown for "arrow homing" skill even when player was out of MP.
  • Fixed 2 small server errors.
  • When clicking NPC chat dialogue responses, if you click a response and the dialogue has not finished displaying then the dialogue will be displayed instead of interupting the dialogue and immediately advancing the to next text.
  • Multiple NPC will now animate to the talking animation during long conversation dialogue between multiple NPCs.
  • Added 2 new flashback cutscenes. (Note, you will need travel from area 4 to 6, and from area 10 to 12 to trigger them.)
  • 1 new music track

0.4.23 - July 29, 2020

  • 5 new NPCs.
  • 1 new area.
  • Emeralds are now tradeable.
  • 1 new hat. (not yet obtainable)
  • 1 new shirt. (not yet obtainable)
  • Map menu has been updated to reflect all newly added areas.

0.4.22 - July 23, 2020

  • Fixed 3 out-of-bounds spots in the cave, Alion City, and Guild Hall.
  • Fixed guild requests button showing up for guilds the player is not the leader of.
  • Fixed small error that would be thrown when you left an area and another player was sitting on something.
  • The double cave rock and the large gray rock now play a sound effect when hit.
  • Fixed issue with the V key not working on ATMs.
  • Fixed 1 small server error that would happen when accepting a guild member.
  • Total guild combined levels are now shown in the guild menu when selecting a guild.
  • Guild combined levels are now ranked on the leaderboards.

0.4.2 - July 22, 2020

  • Hitting an electric vehicle now plays a sound effect.
  • Fixed bug with character menu displaying the wrong damage range when viewing other players stats.
  • Added placeholder blank billboards for an update in the future.
  • Player animation transitions from standing to walking (and vice versa), and from jumping to standing more smoothly.
  • 2 new areas.
  • 2 new NPCs.
  • 1 new music track.
  • Guilds added!

0.4.15 - July 10, 2020

  • Fixed issue with arrow hoard not using the correct amount of MP.
  • Added option to block private messages from other players in the options menu.
  • Added option to hide the main chat in the options menu.
  • Fixed issue in last update or so that made it so you couldn't change shooting direction unless you re-clicked.
  • Fixed issue with chat only displaying 3 lines instead of 4. (bug from last update)
  • Tried to improve enemy desyncing/lagging that can occur when multiple players are in the same area.

0.4.14 - July 3, 2020

  • Fixed fire damage from Hellshags being incorrectly calculated.
  • Attacks from grunts will now knock the player down.
  • 1 new area.
  • 1 new enemy.
  • Fixed bug with grenade damage not calculating correctly if using a shield.
  • Grenade explosion now plays a small hit sound when it hits an enemy.
  • 2 new skills.
  • Fixed issue with website forum not staying logged in.
  • Fixed issue with carnelias chomp sounds always playing at full volume regardless of distance.
  • Added $10 Payvault emerald option.
  • Fixed issue with game not connecting to server in Firefox.

0.4.13 - June 26, 2020

  • Game music is now dynamically loaded when you change areas. This drastically reduces the initial game file size and reduces memory usage. This reduces the initial game download size by about 30%.
  • Fixed glitch that could happen if you try to sit directly between two benches that are next to each other.
  • When grenades explode they now shake the screen.
  • 1 new gunman skill.
  • Internally changed some things with how the controls work in order to prepare for future controller support.

0.4.12 - June 23, 2020

  • 1 new payvault item
  • Added the start to a ranking and leaderboard system.
  • Logons and Grunts now play a hit animation when damaged.
  • Fixed issue with enemy death squish sound playing when you are out of sound range of the enemy that was killed.
  • Enemy kills are now recorded and ranked on the leaderboards.
  • Coin drops now play a spinning animation.

0.4.11 - June 17, 2020

  • Main menu, character creation menu, and intro screen have been changed a bit.
  • Added camera zoom adjustment to options menu.
  • You can no longer accidently use emojis while typing numbers into a textfield.
  • Added full screen buttons so you can now play in full screen mode.

0.4.10 - June 12, 2020

  • 2 new areas.
  • 1 new enemy.
  • 4 new NPCs.
  • 2 new music tracks.
  • Story now progresses past the Renegade hideout.
  • Fixed a few out of bounds spots.

0.4.09 - June 5, 2020

  • Fixed issue with bargain bins not giving you correct amount of money for weapons that have been upgraded.
  • Added 2 new skills.
  • Reduced total web file size of game from around 47mb to 30mb for faster loading!
  • Added 1 new emoji.

0.4.08 - June 5, 2020

  • Added the most recent area to the map.
  • Areas 34, 35, and 37 now respawn in Renegade hideout.
  • Added "remember me" button to login.
  • Added in auto-disconnect if a user is found changing their clock time during gameplay.
  • Lowered water height in area #33 so the enemies cannot get stuck in the water.
  • Fire is now extinguished when a flammable object enters a body of water.
  • Fixed rare bug that could occur where a player could get stuck online if they disconnected immediately after connecting.
  • Added death splatter and sound effect when the Goo Horror is killed.
  • Buying emeralds now opens Paypal in a new tab instead of interupting gameplay.
  • Added trail to area 1 & 2 to help new players navigate.
  • Small graphical performance optimizations made to Teplar Village.
  • Fixed a few out of bounds spots.
  • Added 1 new Payvault item - Emojis!
  • (Other news) Working with website to promote game and grow traffic a bit.

0.4.07 - May 29, 2020

  • 1 new area. (+1 unfinished place-holder area)
  • 2 new enemies (1 is night time only)
  • Bargain bin treasure chests have been added!
  • Slightly modified a few areas to include hidden bargain bins.

0.4.05 - May 22, 2020

  • Fixed error that would happen if you attempted to change your password after signing in greater than 15 minutes ago.
  • Damage is now calculated slightly different. (see forum post for details)
  • "Damage range" section in the character menu was showing a largely inflated value that was 5 times higher than it should be. It now shows the true correct value that it was supposed to.
  • Fixed how damage is calculated for special attacks and such. The formula needed massive fixing.
  • Lowered Logon defense by 2.
  • Fixed small bug that could happen where you wouldn't be loaded into the factory attic when entering the hole in the factory roof.
  • Fixed small issue with the lighting of other players hair when facing backwards.
  • 1 new shield.
  • 9 new weapons.
  • 4 new helmets.
  • 4 new body armor.
  • 4 new legs armor.
  • 4 new boots.
  • 1 new archer skill.

0.4.04 - May 15, 2020

  • PayVault has been added back in.
  • Fixed issue with forum accounts not being auto-created.

0.4.03 - May 8, 2020

  • Bug fixed where upgrading an equipped item would leave your player with the old item still equipped.
  • Logon's will now roam around when a player is not near instead of just standing still.
  • A special death effect is now created when an enemy dies as a result of poison, fire, or lightning strike damage.
  • Added a low quality setting.

0.4.025 - May 7, 2020

  • Players can now change their password via the options menu.
  • Fixed a few errors that would happen in various scenarios.
  • XP gained text is now shown when you kill an enemy.

0.4.02 - May 6, 2020

  • Players can now change their password via the options menu.
  • Fixed a few errors that would happen in various scenarios.
  • Lawn mower, some rocks, wooden fence, junk truck, and mailbox now play sound effects when hit.
  • Most tall weeds can now be cut.
  • Fixed issue with arrows & guns not showing the arrow/bullet when using a weapon that has been upgraded.
  • Arrows and bullets now display upgraded effects.
  • Attempted to fix issue with players sometimes appearing dead on other players screen when they shouldn't. (needs testing)
  • Renegade hut is now more complete.
  • 2 new items.
  • 3 new NPCs.
  • Weapons can now be upgraded with fire!

0.4.0 - April 24, 2020

  • Some of the pipes in the factory now drip poison acid and some drip water in the sewers.
  • Fixed issue where sharpened weapons weren't showing their full sell price.
  • Added 3 new NPCs.
  • 2 new items.
  • Increased the amount of poison damage that the "poison cloud" skill deals.
  • Weapons can now be upgraded with a poison effect!

0.3.95 - April 22, 2020

  • Website now loads over https instead of http.
  • 1 new skill added.
  • Forcefield skill takes more damage before it is destroyed.
  • Forcefield skill now protects against environment damage.
  • 2 new healing items added.
  • Server time is now displayed in the map menu.
  • Fixed issue with newly created accounts not saving their special skill usage during the first login.

0.3.9 - April 17, 2020

  • Clothes line cloth can not be moved when a player walks into it.
  • Fixed bug with messages menu clearing text when another player sends you a message mid-conversation.
  • Fixed bug with mage attacks still doing full damage at 0 MP.
  • Lowered time slightly at which dumtillian burp clouds still damage player after disapearing.
  • If users device time is off, they will no longer receive an error when trying to connect to the game.
  • Factory attic voice now mentions throwing away their ID in the trash.
  • Players now drop downward into the attic atop the factory, instead of just instantly teleporting when near the roof hole
  • Climbing has been added!
  • Factory roof is now accessed via a ladder instead of jumping on the barrels.
  • Area #33 has been changed to have the player climb up a wall instead of jumping on rocks.
  • You now enter/exit the sewer using ladders.
  • You can now get on top of Bripp's Department Store.
  • Added a small rock climbing section to area #23.
  • Improved player syncing when joining a new area. (ie: Players shouldn't "lag-teleport" as much when you first join a new area.)
  • Damage text now includes commas for values over 999.
  • 1 new skill added.

0.3.875 - April 13, 2020

  • Fixed several issue with sharped weapons, regarding equipping as secondary weapons, and issues with bows and guns.
  • Username is now also shown at bottom of character menu is a font that includes lowercase letters.
  • Changed Teplar ground texture edges so that they look more organic instead of straight edged.
  • Changed the grain trail texture to a redish texture in the Red Leaf Hills areas.
  • Added clothes line near Renegade Hideout.

0.3.87 - April 10, 2020

  • Weapon upgrade system implemented. Weapons can now be sharpened using stage 1 and 2 stones. (more to come later)
  • Decreased mini coconut gun power by 3.
  • Increased cutlass sword power by 1.
  • Added new building to Teplar Village.
  • 1 new area.
  • 3 new NPCs.
  • 2 new items.
  • Logging in with the incorrectly set time will now give a more user-friendly error.
  • Friends list increased from 12 to 18 capacity.
  • Private messages menu is no longer closed when the trade menu is created.
  • Fixed issue with player healing health after being killed while sitting.

0.3.86 - April 3, 2020

  • PM menu now disables the chat with a player when they have logged off, and will track their online/offline status.
  • Added grenades to Renegade hideout equipment salesman.

0.3.85 - April 2, 2020

  • Slightly lowered the jump height of Rafflesias so they are easier to hit.
  • Fixed a few out of bounds areas in the new areas.
  • Fixed walls not showing up in Partho's hut.
  • Fixed small memory leak when changing areas.
  • Fixed issue with healing cloud healing all players in the area.
  • Added arrows and bullets to the Renegade hideout's weapon salesman.
  • Decreased startup time of the game in browsers.
  • The performance hit from rendering water has been drastically reduced when running on the "high" and "very high" quality settings.
  • Fixed issue with thorn bush damage not being calculated as was intended.
  • Map has been updated to include the new areas.
  • Fixed issue with Renegades bottom half of head disapearing when facing backwards.
  • A small visual effect is now shown when you heal MP.
  • MP is now also healed whenever sitting.
  • Fixed issue with some trees displaying in front of the main chat UI text when on "medium" or "high" quality.
  • Added ambient bug swarms to the swamp areas.

0.3.8 - April 1, 2020

  • Fixed hair not showing when wearing the red bandana.
  • 2 new music tracks.
  • 5 new helmets.
  • 5 new armor.
  • 5 new legs.
  • 5 new shoes.
  • 1 new shield.
  • 7 new weapons.
  • 4 new areas.
  • 2 new enemies.
  • Story now progresses past the factory. (hint: You must interact with the computer in the factory first.)
  • 4 new NPCs.
  • Added hit animation for shagdaws.

0.3.75 - March 20, 2020 - (Updated 3/23/2020)

  • Fixed the add friend button so it works again.
  • Light emitted from lightning strikes is now brighter and cast shadows.
  • Street lights in teplar village now come on at night.
  • Fixed bug with the pad in the boss area not decrementing the player count if a player logged off while standing on the pad.
  • Fixed bug with skills not working correctly when using a shield.
  • Using rage now emits a light. The size of the light will reflect your rage skill levels.
  • Fixed bug with un-hittable enemies spawning on very rare occasion after changing areas. (May need testing to be completely sure it's fixed.)
  • Fixed some of the ground not showing up in the area underneath the swamp hut. (bug introduced in previous update.)
  • Fixed issue with skin color not showing up. (bug introduced in previous update.)
  • Factory and yellow houses windows not emit light from the outside.
  • 8 NPCs have their dialogue changed if you talk to them during night.
  • Bripp's Department Store is now closed from 10pm to 6am. Jarah NPC also won't let you in her house during nighttime hours.
  • Fixed disconnection issue that could happen if a player joined an area that had too many items/enemies spawned.
  • Changed player UI buttons so they are only icons instead of words.
  • Added options menu with an audio toggle and 3 quality modes. (settings currently do not save when logging off and back-on and will need re-set each time)
  • Fixed issue with Jarah npc preventing you from going into her house at the wrong time of day.
  • Fixed particle colors from dead enemies not working. (bug introduced in previous patch.)

0.3.7 - March 19, 2020

  • Fixed boss gate so that it doesn't shut until all players are off of the pad.
  • Made it so that you cannot shoot through walls.
  • Lowered the Ooze Horror's attack power.
  • Various performance optimizations.
  • Day and night cycle added along with shadows and lighting details added to all objects. (more to come)

0.3.5 - February 28, 2020

  • Tweaked enemy XP formula, so the XP/coin worths for enemies has slightly changed.
  • 1 new helmet.
  • 1 new armor.
  • 1 new legs armor.
  • 1 new enemy.
  • 1 new boss.
  • 2 new areas.
  • 3 new NPCs.
  • Increased prices of healing items by 50%.
  • Added missing areas to map.
  • Sound effect now plays when taking poison damage.

0.3.45 - February 21, 2020 (Updated February 24, 2020)

  • Added backup fix for new accounts that fail to fully register getting stuck at 1 strength, archery, artillery, and magic.
  • You can now see that a player is banned in your friends list along with the reason for the ban.
  • Added 1 new hairstyle.
  • Swamp trees now emit leaves.
  • Marty's Cabin door now swings open and plays sound effect when you enter it.
  • Added 5 new skills.
  • Fixed bullet sprite not showing up for new guns.
  • Improved accuracy of bows and guns, so targets should be easier to hit.
  • Created a visual effect when poison damage is taken, and poison damage text is now displayed in green.
  • 1 new enemy.
  • 1 new weapon.
  • 1 new item.
  • 2 new areas. (still incomplete)
  • You can now wield a shield and gun at the same time.
  • Dumtillians now have a hit animation.

0.3.4 - February 14, 2020 (Updated 2/17/2020)

  • Fixed issue with adding new friends that are online being displaying as offline.
  • Added a few anti-hacking measures.
  • Friends menu now displays when a friend was last online.
  • Players can now private message each other!
  • Fixed issue in gun costs not being correctly calculated. Therefore prices for most guns have likely changed.
  • Comparison arrow and text is now shown when comparing your current guns rate of fire to anothers.
  • 4 new weapons added.
  • Fixed issue with shooting animations not showing for other players.
  • Fixed issue with PM chat not scrolling correctly or showing long text.

0.3.37 - February 12, 2020

  • Fixed issue with sounds not playing when on top of the factory building.
  • Changed camera following pattern. The camera will now follow your player in a slightly different manner.
  • Telephone poles now play sound effect when hit.
  • Added 3 new healing items.
  • Squishers HP was reduced from 5 to 4.
  • Commas now added into the numerical values for damage and defensive output in the character menu.
  • Added chat shortcut key to the ` (Tilde) key. (Key to the left of the 1 key on the keyboard).
  • Added sound effect for rage.
  • Fixed issue with storm cloud possibly not healing players sometimes. (bug introduced in prior patch)
  • Friends that are online on your friends list will have their character image and information updated more frequently.
  • You are now shown a notification whenever a friend logs on.

0.3.36 - February 10, 2020

  • Fixed gap in trees that player cuold fit through in area #1.
  • Fixed bug with rage affecting all other players in area.
  • Most recent areas have been added to the map.
  • Attempted to fix occassional issues with "couldn't join room" when trying to log on. (Needs testing)
  • Added footstep sound to sewers.
  • Fixed issue that could happen if player drops an item while touching a thin walled object with a lower Z coordinate.
  • When a skill is fully upgraded it no longer shows info under the "Upgraded" section.
  • Added back facing sprite for armed dillos.
  • Player leg sprites are now flipped when facing backwards so that they are facing the correct direction.
  • Your coins, XP, shop menu item prices, and item sell prices now have commas added into them for easier reading.
  • Enemies now split into more ball particles when killed based on their size. (as was originally intended)
  • Fixed small bug with swinging your weapon at items shelves in the factory attic.
  • Tooltips are not shown slightly to the right so that the cursor does not cover up the text.

0.3.35 - February 7, 2020

  • Added 1 new enemy.
  • Added 1 new NPC.
  • Added ability for players to take poison damage.
  • Wooden store shelfes and wooden store boxes now play sound effect when hit.
  • 1 new music track.
  • Fixed issue with getting shot upward when standing on armed dillo spawn points in area #24.
  • Fixed a wall collider not working in area #1.
  • Added 1 new shield.
  • Running now plays footstep sounds like walking does.
  • Fixed issue with running animation not stopping when MP reaches 0.
  • Area #25 is now more complete.
  • 1 new skill.
  • 7 new weapons.
  • 6 new helmets.
  • 6 new body armor.
  • 6 new leg armor.
  • 3 new shoes
  • 2 new shields.
  • 2 new areas.